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Ronnie Coleman

King Mass XL, Dark Chocolate, 15lbs
60g Protein*180g Carb Matrix*Creatine & Glutamine*Weight Gain*1000+ Calories*Meal Replacement*Milkshake Taste*44 / 108 ScoopsGain King Size Mass!Making the scale go up is all about taking in moreCALORIES than you burn but it’s also important to get the RIGHT kind of calories. KING MASS XL®hits you with 1000 GROWTH ACCELERATING CALORIES per serving providing 60G of quality protein, 180G of carbs (only 25 sugars) and healthy fats.*Getting all of the quality CALORIES you need in one shake without being able to SLUG it down just doesn’t cut it. The KING MASS XL® flavor system delivers a MILKSHAKE taste with seamless mixability every time making slamming down your shake a TREAT not a CHORE.*I..
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